Thailand gambling laws

Thailand gambling laws royal casino lloret

Stay informed with our insights on the latest legal, regulatory and policy issues related to the gambling industry. Is Gambling Legal in Thailand? The government is very serious about cracking down on it, and they take a very proactive approach to it as well, for instance having government agents spy on people, or set up gambling operations to entrap them.

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Police Volunteer arrested at illegal gambling den in East Pattaya - Pattaya One

Thailand has very strict gambling laws. While it is legal for Thai players to place wagers on horse racing and on the limited national lottery, all other forms of gambling are illegal. Nearly all forms of gambling are illegal in Thailand. A large majority of the wagers in Thailand are placed with local bookies and agents who operate contrary to the law. Thailand ’s gambling laws derive from a patchwork of edicts and anti- gambling legislation. Individual gamblers can be fined up to 1, baht and imprisoned as long as a year.

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